Original Bowling Company
Be Passionate

What makes a good manager here? Outside of being a good leader, it’s about being passionate, enthusiastic and committed. You’ve really got to enjoy your job. Think about what you enjoy about your current job and what you do. All that has to come out in the way you are – in the business and around your team. Because of the nature of this business and the wide variety of customers, each day is different. Depending on when you start your shift, there is a big difference. On an early, we’re here two and half hours before the centre opens at 11am to give yourself time to set everything ready for the first customers. Where as on a late shift at 4pm, you’re walking into a busy environment and you do your handover, set yourself up and you could be working with a couple of Birthday parties 45 minutes later and the whole evening rolls on from there. So if you want to be constantly engaged in a business where literally no two days are the same, you should look to join Hollywood Bowl Group in a management role.