Original Bowling Company
Be Great

I’m happy doing what I’m doing but if there is a better opportunity then I would take it. But this job role really interests me and I couldn’t ask to work with a better Tech Team. We make sure everything runs smoothly so the customer gets the full experience – without too many lane faults. So if something does go wrong, we get in there and sort it out as quick as possible. I’ve always been mechanically and electronically minded, so doing this is a big ego boost to me when I find the right solution. It’s just nice to do something right. We do work shifts and my favourites are Friday and Saturday nights. They’re our busiest times of the week and I try to walk the floor as much as I can as it’s when you get the most interactions with customers as well. It’s just nice to see all those people coming in and out of the doors and making sure everyone is happy.