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Be Determined

My career? Where do I start? I joined as a Party Host on Saturdays back in 2003. From there I went onto Reception and worked my way around the other teams just building up my skills in each area until I was able to go on and be a trainee Assistant Manager which is when my management career started here. Since then I progressed through a Deputy Manager role at a new centre and now I’m the General Manager in Watford. The best thing about it all so far? The wide range of things I’ve been doing. From the involvement in customer service, which is the main focus to my role, to dealing with my teams and our customers themselves. My development has come from various training schemes I’ve had throughout my time here and doing the role day to day. Being part of a large company means that you can progress very quickly as I have and you can move into other areas of the business and centres across the UK.